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How to Clean Grout and Make it Look Good

Remember when your tile and grout was new and the look just ‘popped’ every time you entered the room? Over time, dirt and grime get trapped between the tiles and mildew grows in the damp recesses. As more time passes, your grout becomes dirtier and grabs attention more than your beautiful tile. 

Internet Solutions for “How to Clean Grout” 

Of course, the solution is to give the grout a good cleaning. A simple Google search of “how to clean grout” produces pages of “simple” and “easy” solutions to cleaning your grout. Don’t be fooled by this click-bait. For those who have already tried, you know cleaning grout is difficult, back-breaking, and time-consuming work. 

And, some DIY fix-it-quick-and-cheap gimmicks can even damage your expensive tile, resulting in unexpected costs for replacement. Unless you know the type of grout and tile used on your surfaces, and the best cleaning method and materials for each, it’s better to leave cleaning grout to professionals like the tile and grout experts at Revivify Surface LLC in Vancouver, Washington. 

Safe, DIY Recommendations for Cleaning Grout

There are huge benefits to cleaning grout instead of replacing it. The benefits in cost savings and the amount of time for you to wait until its completion can be dramatic. Even hiring professionals from Revivify Surface that know how to clean grout is more affordable than removing and replacing the old, worn grout. 

Before you begin cleaning grout on your own, you should understand that the chemicals and the type of tools you use can damage your tile and grout. Always begin with the mildest cleaning solution and work up in strength. You can purchase many types of grout cleaners at your local store, just be aware that they vary greatly in effectiveness and potency. Depending on the level of buildup on your grout, these may not do the trick. 

To be sure that you don’t damage your tile and grout, we recommend contacting an expert like Revivify to handle your grout cleaning. We also strongly recommend the use of a professional if you have a heavy amount of mildew and dirt, or if the grout has deep stains. 

If you do want to try cleaning your tile on your own, here is our recommended DIY process. 

  1. Wipe down the tile and grout surface areas with warm water. 
  2. Spray the surface with a cleaning solution (start with the least aggressive cleaner). 

*Try cleaning a small area that is somewhat hidden from view; if damage or discoloration occurs, at least it won’t be as noticeable. 

  1. Using a bristle brush, scrub the grouted areas. 
    1. Beware of using stiff bristles on certain types of tile. 
    2. Start with a softer brush and cautiously work your way up to stiff bristles. 
    3. Avoid using steel or metal bristle brushes. 
  2. After scrubbing the grout, use a small amount of dish detergent and water to rinse the surface. 
  3. If your chosen solution isn’t doing the job, move up to the next more powerful cleanser. 
  4. If pieces of grout break free and come out, stop immediately; you are doing more harm than good. Contact a grout cleaning professional. 

Experienced Professionals Who Know How to Clean Grout

Cleaning your own grout can be time consuming and mildew will still often remain. The best approach to giving yourself a fresh start with your grout and tile is to have the professionals from Revivify do the work. You might be surprised at the low cost of this option, and the refreshed, new-looking surfaces you can get back. 

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