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Exterior Cleaning and Power Washing Services Vancouver WA

What is Exterior Cleaning and Power Washing?

Are you tired of the buildup of dirt, residue, pollutants, and grime on your hard exterior surfaces. Revivify Surface LLC uses high pressure water and proprietary cleansers to remove dirt, mold, graffiti, and more to expose original surfaces.

Our professional asphalt, tile, flagstone, aggregate, siding, and concrete cleaning services are guaranteed to restore your exterior surfaces to their original luster. In addition, the cleaning process opens the pores of your outdoor material to accept protective sealer for a longer-lasting and more durable finish.

What is the Process for Exterior Cleaning and Power Washing?

At Revivify, our professional technicians use a combination of high pressure water, scrubbing, environmentally-friendly chemicals, and old fashioned hard work to achieve premier hard surface and concrete cleaning services.

After achieving the cleanest surface possible, your Revivify team will meet with the customer for their review. Then, a high-grade protective sealant is applied to the hard surfaces to protect the from weather, wear, and foreign substances. Our patio sealing adds value and protection to any external hard surface.

With Revivify, our service is more than your everyday concrete cleaning services and patio sealing.

  • A unique quality control process that includes the customer
  • Environmentally-friendly cleaners and sealers that improve the life of your surfaces
  • Exceptional customer service from start to finish
  • A written guarantee and maintenance program to keep your exterior surfaces looking great

Why should you call Revivify to professionally clean your exterior hard surfaces? Why not just do it yourself?

  • Increased longevity for your exterior surfaces
  • Reduced risk of slipping on slick, unkempt surfaces
  • Improved aesthetic appeal
  • Professional-grade cleaning prepares surfaces for protective resealing

  • They did an outstanding job! I would definitely use them again!

    -Susan M. - Lake Oswego, OR,