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Tile Cleaning and Repair Vancouver Washington

What is tile cleaning and repair and why you should do it?

Over time tile accumulates calcium, mildew, soap scum and all the nasty stuff your shower, floors and surfaces accumulate. It is removing and cleaning dirt, repairing the stains, cracked grout, or caulking that happens over time as a result of usage.  Because of the often humid climate of the Vancouver Washington area, nasty buildups occur frequently.

What does the dirt build up do to the tile?

Overtime micro-layers of debris build up tarnishing the shine and luster of surfaces. Think of it as a petri dish for bacteria. These micro-layers also make it easier for dirt to stick and accumulate. Once its dirty, it becomes dirtier faster. Typically the problem compounds over time making it nearly impossible to clean or repair. At least until you call Revivify.

Tile cleaning and repair with Revivify includes:

  • Showers
  • Bathroom floors
  • Kitchen floors
  • Laundry room floors
  • Countertops
  • Quartz and marble

Tip: Mopping is the worst thing you can do to your floor because you stir up all the dirt and push it into your grout. It is best to wash your floors by hand if possible.


Revivify follows a strict process to ensure you’re happy with the results of your tile cleaning and repair.

  • We always start by assessing the variables that are associated with all the surface areas. We pay special attention to spots, stains, and damages in order to repair and clean them properly.
  • Using proprietary cleaners and high temp steam cleaners and machinery we break the hold/bond between the dirt and the surface. The cleaners used are proprietary formulas that we have spent years perfecting and are effective bio sensitive products.
  • Using cleaning products and agitation we then remove all the dirt and moisture leaving a ‘like new’ tile look and feel.
  • We always have you approve the work and make sure you are satisfied with results.


What to expect when you hire Revivify for tile cleaning and repair?

  • Free estimate by an expert in tile techniques and repair who comes to where you are to assess
  • Transparent pricing is provided
  • Utilizing the Housecall Pro app you will have full visibility when your technician is in route to your tile job
  • Protecting the work space from any potential damages to other surfaces or belongings
  • Agitation and clean application to in need surfaces
  • Sterilization through steam cleaning of the tile and grout
  • Full clean up to ensure consistency through out
  • Homeowner inspection and approval before buff and sealing

Benefits realized from Tile cleaning and repair

  • You will be able to enjoy the services like they are new
  • The living environment will be sanitary
  • Feel of the tile will make you believe they are new again
  • Sealed for protection against future stains
  • Potentially thousands of dollars in savings over replacing tile