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Outdoor Patio Sealing Vancouver WA

Outdoor Patio Sealing Designed Especially for the Northwest Climate

At Revivify Surface LLC, our outdoor patio sealing and exterior cleaning service brings treasured outdoor spaces back to life after a harsh winter in Vancouver, WA. We love knowing that after our treatment, Vancouver homes will have patios better equipped to handle whatever the weather throws at them.

If you have concrete, flagstone, aggregate, or tile patio, our cleaning and sealing treatment helps protect it from the elements.


How Does Our Patio Cleaning and Sealing Process Work?

The team at Revivify Surface has come together from various construction and maintenance fields including indoor surface and outdoor patio repair, installation, and countertop sealing in Vancouver, Washington and each of us takes great pride in our work.

Revivify pledges to offer outstanding service that makes homeownership easier.

Imagine not having to power wash your patio every summer. Let us help you protect your investment with our time-tested process that considers the existing condition of the surface, materials, and size. We will go over price estimates, time frames, and scheduling, as well as how our process will work for your particular project.

Like our countertop sealing, we always thoroughly clean the surface using pressure washers and special cleansers to remove dirt and buildup. Once the area is completely clean and dry, we apply a sealer that penetrates to bring back the material’s original luster.

Our sealers are specially formulated to resist mold and mildew, making it easier to clean superficial dirt when the time comes.

Revivify pledges to offer outstanding service that makes homeownership easier. We look forward to working with you.

We treat:

  • Stamped or Brushed Concrete
  • Flagstone
  • Cement
  • Tile
  • Brick

Revivify’s Patio and outdoor flooring services are great for:

  • Patios and porches
  • Concrete garage floors
  • Walkways and private sidewalks
  • Exposed aggregate patio materials