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Granite Sealing Vancouver Washington

Granite Sealing Restores Kitchen and Bath Countertops to Their Original Condition

Revivify Surface is a tile and countertop cleaning service that possesses comprehensive knowledge of countertop materials. We don’t just clean, repair, and seal granite countertops; we also have experience installing them! Our knowledge process goes far beyond others in the market.

When natural stone countertops see a lot of use, they fade, chip, and become dull.  Even when treated initially with manufacturer-recommended sealers, they fade over time and allow dirt and oils to penetrate into the granite itself.

The beauty of stone countertops only lasts a lifetime with regular care.

We clean and seal granite countertops to minimize upkeep and increase their lifespan.

Cleaning and sealing countertops makes you feel like you just replaced your countertops.  The 3 reasons Revivify stands out are:

  • Advanced Sealing Technique
  • Specialized Process
  • Better Stone Sealers for Your Home

Seal Your Granite Countertops with Our Advanced Technique

Why use Revivify?

  • Common cleansers and superficial cleaning methods cannot lift the deeply embedded dirt, so more aggressive treatment is required before applying a new top coat.
  • Our team of granite countertop experts knows the best method for deep cleaning the surface and applying a heavy-duty countertop sealer to protect it for years. Yes, years. No need to treat the surface every month or even every year.
  • By letting us do the hard work beforehand, you can save time and money and enjoy beautiful kitchen and bathroom countertops without worry.
  • By loosening and lifting residue with advanced steam cleaning technology, your countertops get a deeper clean.
  • Granite is one of the most desirable materials for kitchen and bathroom surfaces. It’s durable, heat and stain resistant, infinitely customizable, and always looks great. Well… almost always. Over time, granite loses its shine, and no matter what DIY technique you try, nothing can bring it back to its original shine.
  • Our method restores your granite countertops to their original condition or better, guaranteed. What we do differs from widely-available methods and products because we deep clean the countertop surface and consider how sealers interact with natural stone materials.

The Revivify Process is Specialized

  • Inspect the countertop and any grout for level of wear, chips, and stains before getting started
  • Deep Clean the surface using special, industrial-grade solutions and steam cleaning technology
  • Deep Clean the surface using special, industrial-grade solutions and steam cleaning technology
  • Provide each customer with a written "guarantee and maintenance program”