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How to Get Your Deck or Patio Ready for Spring

Spring is here and that means it is time to get your patio or deck ready for the season!

Of course, this project can seem a bit overwhelming. A lot of factors will dictate actually how much work will need to go into this. For instance, did you “winiterize” your patio, did you cover your furniture, did you clear out old plants, the list can go on. But, before throwing in the towel, quickly imagine the sun shining, cold drink in your hand, while you relax on your newly cleaned, designed, or furnished patio. You can almost taste that 80 degree, perfect weather.

Well, no matter how deep this project will run, here are some helpful steps and tips to have the outdoor space of your dreams. And also leave it protected and last for years to come!

Cleaning and Clearing

To begin, you must clean and clear off your deck or patio. This will be key for the following steps to come. Take off all mats, pots, decorations, those tiki torches you bought for a party three years ago… and stage them somewhere else.

Depending which material your outdoor space is made from is also an important factor. A wooden deck can deteriorate as well as deform while weathering the elements. On the other hand, a stone or tile patio can typically hold up better. For both types though, you will most likely need to sweep and put in a little elbow grease.

Power Washing

If you are not interested in the time consuming workload of sweeping, power washing may be the move for you. This method can be easier and quicker to get rid of dirt, mold, and any other blemishes on your exterior surfaces. You can also use this to wash the entirety of your home, leaving more than just your patio or deck looking great.

Of course, you may not own a power washer and you may be stuck with the “by hand” technique. OR you can call a company like REVIVIFY, to assist you in your exterior cleaning projects. REVIVIFY technicians use high pressure water and scrubbing leaving your patio looking new. They also use environmentally friendly products to not harm your lawn or damage the material.


Once the entire outdoor space is clear and clear, you may notice some damage. Wood can easily warp with repeated rain and snow storms. Pots left in the same spot can cause water damage. Chips in tiles, stone, or grout are also very common.

In order to get that perfect patio, you will want to repair or replace these elements if they are very visible. A damaged deck or patio could also be dangerous if a guest or family member could trip or hurt themselves.

Sealing and Protecting

While cleaning and repairing your outdoor patio or deck are important, sealing the material is vital in making it last. There is no need to put in all this effort, to have damage occur in the next year. Sealing your tile, stone, concrete, etc. will protect your patio from the elements. This process will have lasting effects you will notice for years! Sealing can be a long process and is arguably the most important step in ensuring your patio stays in good shape.

For this reason, you can consider hiring a professional, such as REVIVIFY, to seal and protect your deck or patio. Trained technicians will use the best products and tools, leaving your outdoor space fully protected against mold, mildew, dirt and more! Additionally, REVIVIFY will always clean the entire area thoroughly to ensure the sealant works as it should.

The fun part…decorating

Now is the time to move your furniture and decorations back into your outdoor space. With your deck or patio looking brand new, you may want to spruce these up a bit! The possibilities, of course, are endless, and luckily, many can be done rather cheaply.

Depending on your budget, you may be able to buy a whole new set patio furniture or maybe just a few decorations. Believe us, simply adding some string lights can really elevate any space. You can also change the layout of your existing furniture or perhaps start growing a garden with flowers or vegetables. As we said, this is the fun part so let your creativity flow!


Getting your patio or deck ready for the spring season can seem daunting. But, it really does not have to be! And, you know you will be thrilled with the results of hanging out in a clean, protected, rejuvenated space all summer long!

Luckily, you can also grab help from professionals like REVIVIFY to do some of those heavy lifting projects. Summer is coming and so is your dream patio!