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How to Save Thousands on a Bathroom Remodel

Kristen and Josh are tired of looking at the drab, worn, outdated bathroom in their home. They agree it’s time for a bathroom remodel, but they are new to this game. Plus, they have a limited budget for the remodel project, and are not sure what they can do themselves or when they can afford to hire a professional.

If you are in the same predicament (needing a bathroom remodel but lacking in experience and having a limited budget), perhaps you can learn from Kristen and Josh’s experience. Let’s follow them and discover how to save thousands on a bathroom remodel for your home.

Begin with a Plan

Any project should begin with a clear, step-by-step plan. Perhaps your bathroom needs multiple repairs or changes. Maybe you can make significant changes by fixing just a few basic elements. You must determine your essential needs first, then experiment with different wants to see how each element could fit into the budget.

Kristen and Josh have a variety of ideas for their bathroom remodel, including many of the basics that are common to a bathroom makeover. The problems with their bathroom are:

Worn and dirty shower tile
Grimy glass shower door
Old sink and countertop
Worn faucets
Old paint
Worn and damaged tile flooring

Of course, your bathroom could be in desperate need of multiple projects including these or more. But, like Kristen and Josh, you can only fit so much into your planned budget. They decide to list all their desired changes and then rate them in importance. Number one must be done first, and so on.

Refurbishing vs. Replacement

Never underestimate the power of changing a shower curtain or adding a fresh coat of paint to the bathroom. These simple, inexpensive tasks can easily brighten up a room, adding style and a new feeling of cleanliness. Kristen and Josh know that many changes to remodel their bathroom can involve simple refurbishments.

For example, in many cases, cleaning and resurfacing bathroom tile can completely change its appearance, plus add to its lifespan. Even many professional cleaning or refurbishing services are much more affordable than replacement.

Get Estimates from Professionals

Kristen and Josh know that some of the tasks they need are beyond their skillset. While they are willing to DIY as much as possible to save money, some tasks will require a professional touch. This is especially true if complicated plumbing or electrical upgrades are necessary. In fact, installing tile and grout can be a difficult chore. That job alone is often better left to professionals than risking a poor outcome and wasted materials.

You may not realize that professional bathroom remodel work can be affordable. When you calculate the time necessary to tear out and replace materials, plus the cost of the materials, you may discover that the best option is to hire a professional contractor. You are also more likely to be pleased with the results of your bathroom remodel with an experienced hand in the mix.

Pre-Buy Supplies

Purchasing supplies and scheduling deliveries early in your bathroom remodel process, or even work is planned to begin, can save you money. Josh and Kristen discovered many supply companies run sales at certain times of the year. They were able to gather many of what they needed over time and store it in their garage until time to begin the actual remodel project.

Planning ahead allowed them to determine what they needed as well as the required quantities, and make wise purchases. What they saved in the budget could then be used on other wanted changes or hiring a professional contractor for some of the work.


Kristen and Josh were able to fit many of their options into their bathroom remodel. While they handled several of the smaller projects themselves, they called REVIVIFY to handle some specific chores. A professional tile cleaning and repair made their bathroom floor and shower space appear new, saving them money to use on purchasing a new sink and faucet. Plus, REVIVIFY was able to remove calcium deposits and clean their glass shower door to a like-new appearance.

If you are in the Portland, Oregon or Vancouver, Washington areas, you can call REVIVIFY for several of the jobs for your bathroom remodel. Our trained professionals can help in both large and small projects, by repairing, cleaning and sealing existing surface materials to help save you money.