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Importance of a Professional Cleaning Service as the Country Reopens

There seems to be a glimmer of hope that the country may have the ability to start getting back to normal. In the next few months, businesses will begin to reopen, non-essential workers will go back into the office, and familiarity will return. This article will dive into a few reasons highlighting the importance of hiring a professional cleaning service as the economy begins to reopen. 

Of course, there are several important steps to make before safely bringing employees back into a workspace. As it has been advised in the news, it is vital to clean a home often during the coronavirus outbreak. This is absolutely no different for the work environment. Perhaps, even more crucial than a home. Workers will now be in close quarters with others even if social distancing  practices are still in place. This is where hiring a professional cleaning service can come into play. 

Professional cleaning services know the proper protocol

This time of coronavirus is unlike anything the current world knows. Re-entering the workplace after the country deems it safe for non-essential workers, will be a trying time. Unfortunately, being a boss or manager of a company does not necessarily mean they have the knowledge of how to properly clean the workspace. 

The CDC outlines the best possible guidelines for those who must go into work. This page covers the best products to use, what to wear while cleaning, and even protocol for when employees leave to go home. There are a lot of important steps to make sure everyone is protected. 

As a professional cleaning company, not only do the members know the proper protocol, they also have the right equipment. At REVIVIFY, a cleaning company in Vancouver, employees will come into offices in full suits with a respirator or filtered mask to keep themselves safe as well as those in the workspace. 

They know that to keep the building clean, it must be disinfected at least three times a day. This includes deep cleaning even those hard to reach places. Of course, it is also vital for professional cleaners to stay healthy. This can mean that the same professional cleaner will only clean certain offices or spaces and will limit how many buildings they go to during the week. 

Peace of mind for employees and customers

COVID-19 has affected every single person in one way or another. Once all employees return to the workplace, there will have to be an adjustment. Those used to staying inside at all costs, will need a transition period to feel comfortable in public spaces again. Hiring a professional cleaning surface to disinfect a few times a day is a great way to give employees peace of mind. 

If workers are feeling nervous in their environment, there is no possible way for them to do their best work. Hiring professional cleaners to disinfect offices throughout the day, is a great way to help motivate workers and steer productivity. As the economy reopens, this is the time to grow morale! 

Not to mention, if employees feel as though their workspace does not meet hygienic standards, this will encourage them to clean the space themselves. This will result in employees taking extra time not doing their typical duties. 

Supplies can be scarce during this time

Not all cleaning products are created equal during this time. There is still much to learn about the coronavirus, and this includes what products actually work to kill it. Some examples of products that have proven to help include bleach, quats, chlorine dioxide and others. 

In order for bleach to work properly, it must be used in a high concentration. This means using an abundance of product overtime to successfully keep a work environment safe. Quats (quaternary ammonium compounds) are found in typical disinfectant wipes and house cleaners. Chlorine dioxide is actually a great option as it breaks down into nano molecules which are smaller than the virus. The product can even be used as hand sanitizer as it is not as abrasive as other cleaners. 

Of course, it is not breaking news that these products are near impossible to find in stores or online. Not to mention, masks with filters and gloves are also witnessing a shortage. Professional cleaners have the stock and extra ability to obtain the proper supplies. Wiping down all surfaces with soap and hot water just is not going to cut it during a pandemic. 

What can employees do?

This is an all hands on deck operation. Even hiring a professional cleaning service is not enough to completely ward off the virus. As an employer, it is vital to create a plan for workers to help keep the office clean. For instance, when leaving their desk, always wash their hands before returning. Or, create a policy that requires wearing a mask and gloves while in the office. 

Of course, employers cannot control what their employees do outside of the office. However, following these steps can aid in keeping the workspace as safe as possible. 

With all that being said, office spaces as the world knows them could change forever after coronavirus. 

Traveling into public spaces is a stressful experience during the pandemic. It is near impossible to avoid thinking about the overall cleanliness of the establishment. Especially, with the countless health and safety protocols put in place for when people are within the business as well as when they get home.

A new mindset has flooded the country. Once people are allowed to go back to work, they will inherently prefer a clean, more secluded environment. Perhaps another rise in popularity of cubicles instead of the open floor setup that many companies have adopted. 

Most likely, the changes that employees experience will be visual. For instance, automatic doors rather than a handle every single person will touch. Also, post-corona setups will probably include more personal offices and desks that are six feet apart. Ultimately, this will lead to offices needing to increase their sizes to accommodate these new restrictions. 

However, the most important tactic for offices and businesses to do will be keeping a regular cleaning schedule. Cleaning the office more than three times a day will be vital. This can be time consuming and needs to be done correctly to protect employees as they return to work and for time to come. There is no telling when the world will truly go back to normal, or if it ever fully will. It should be at top priority to keep everyone safe which is easy with a professional cleaning service. 

Across the country there are plenty of professional cleaning services. Some that have been truly affected by the lack of work that coronavirus has caused. 

If in the Vancouver or Portland areas, REVIVIFY’s Professional Cleaning Service has you covered. 

In response to COVID-19, REVIVIFY pivoted their business model to help essential businesses disinfect and clean for their workers. With the company’s prior knowledge and experience of cleaning in home tile and other surfaces, it was a no brainer to begin helping their local communities. For the past few weeks, REVIVIFY has shifted gears and used their expertise to help essential businesses with daily disinfection cleanings. Check out this page to learn more about their services.