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Is it Possible to Renovate Without Demolition?

We’ve all seen the popular renovation and house flipping TV shows. They all follow the same basic pattern: figure out a budget, determine how to update the house, do a demolition, and replace virtually everything. But is this real life?

The simple answer for most of us is “no.” Beginning with the budget, most people may not have six figures just lying around waiting for a major remodeling project. Rocket Mortgage estimates a gut renovation for a whole home to be between $100-$200K. And at a minimum, just doing a demo and renovation for your bathroom could cost $15K.

Plus, the time commitment required to do major renovations could span up to six months. While this is happening, you may have the inconvenience of relocating, getting babysitters, and dining out. There are also many other hidden costs that can send the price of a demo renovation soaring out of sight.

The Hidden Costs of Demolition Renovations

Hidden costs can lead to a virtual money pit. When going into a remodeling project, these surprise expenses are rarely considered. Whether just doing a room, kitchen, or an entire home, hidden extra costs can pile up. Some of the hidden costs to watch out for include:

  • Permits – Homeowners can get into trouble fast by ignoring local permitting requirements for construction and renovation projects. These can be expensive, ranging from hundreds to thousands of dollars.
  • Hiring Professionals or Contractors – There is overall project management and risk of hiring the right people. Contractors are notorious for being unreliable and can often leave you hanging part way into the project. In addition, there is a possibility of subpar work that you have to fix.
  • Debris Disposal – Often there is far too much debris to be carried away in your local trash service, so a professional service is needed. There can also be dumping fees for construction debris.
  • Fixing Old Workarounds – Some DIY projects from the past may not meet current codes, requiring more repairs in addition to your planned renovations.
  • Surveying to Establish Property Lines – Before building on or installing anything close to a property line, such as a fence, you may need to re-establish exact property lines to prevent problems with the neighbors.
  • Upgrading to Current Building Codes – Older homes may be out of code, and must be brought to current standards when new work is done.
  • Fixing Water Issues – Any problems with drainage or water intrusion must be addressed to prevent future damage. New bathrooms or other rooms can mean rerouting existing plumbing to accommodate the new addition. Improper yard drainage can mean grading and replacing an entire yard.
  • Pest Damage – Nothing takes the wind out of a renovation project like discovering hidden termite or other pest damage that must be repaired before the new changes can even begin.
  • Adding Finishing Touches – There is always something extra that would “add just the right touch” to your renovation project, like trim and decor.
  • Dining Out – How long will your kitchen be out of service? How much does it cost to feed your family on the economy? How many meals a day? This can get expensive in a hurry.
  • Fixing Landscaping – Damage to your yard and landscaping is almost inevitable in many renovation projects. What will it cost to replace shrubbery, trees, sod, and other landscape elements?
  • Clean-Up – Contractors rarely leave a pristine setting when the work is finished. There may be extensive cleaning to do, costing time and money.

For some, these risk factors and costs are manageable. For most of us, the risk is too high, the price is too much, and we don’t have the time to manage it. The good news is that there may be other options.

Revive Your Existing Surfaces for a More Affordable Renovation

Reviving your already existing surfaces can go a long way. Most homes have kitchen and bathroom tile, stone countertops, and glass shower doors. If done correctly, these surfaces can be made to look great again. This in no way replaces the awe factor of basically building a brand new home within the walls of a full renovation, but it can bring life back to your home at a dramatic fraction of the cost, risk, and time.

Tile Cleaning & Repair

Tile cleaning and repair can make older, damaged, and worn tile surfaces look brand new again, and for a fraction of the cost of tear-out and replacement. Revivify Surface, LLC specialists can replace only damaged tiles, deep clean and repair grout, and bring old tile back to life again.

Countertop Refurbishment & Sealing

Stone countertops like granite can become dull and appear worn, but refurbishing them and adding protective sealant can make them appear like new. Stone is meant to last a lifetime, so refurbish your old countertops to extend their lifespan and save money.

Glass Shower Door Cleaning

Hard water and soap scum buildup can make glass shower doors appear dirty and worn. Professional glass shower door cleaning can go far toward making your bathroom appear fresh and new. Revivify Surface uses gentle cleaners and techniques that will not harm your doors, but make them clear and bright again.

Renovate your home with professional repair, cleaning, and sealing from Revivify Surface, LLC. Old surfaces can look brand new again, giving the impression of a complete renovation, but with much less cost in money, time, and inconvenience. Contact us today for more information and free estimates.