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Is sealing granite countertops necessary?

Did you recently renovate your kitchen? Or perhaps you moved into a new home that already had your dream kitchen space? Well, if either of these questions apply to you, you may finally have those granite countertops you have thought about for years. Of course, it is clear how beautiful these counters look. However, you may be wondering if sealing granite countertops is absolutely necessary.

The short answer is, yes.

Although granite is naturally water and stain resistant, it is still important to seal the surface for protection. This will allow the countertops to last (and look new) for years to come. If a bit overwhelmed by the thought, companies like REVIVIFY are here to help you every step of the way.

How will sealing protect my granite countertops?

To begin, let’s discuss what sealant is. A sealer is an applied coating that will block liquids from passing through a surface causing stains or damage. There are several kinds of sealants that will last for different durations. How much you use your countertop as well as how you treat it will also dictate how long the sealant will last.

Once you make your decision to protect your new granite countertops, the benefits are exponential. Of course, a sealed surface will become stain resistant from liquid. They will also have protection against oils, dirt, and other substances. A sealed countertop will also prevent dulling, fading, and even chipping! The overall goal of sealing any surface, and especially granite countertops, is to preserve the beauty of the stone or material. These countertops are typically expensive. Cleaning and protecting them will always be worth it!

How often should I seal my granite countertops?

This will depend on a few factors. What type of sealant you use, the quality of the sealant, how often the surface is used, or what chemicals you use to clean it. At REVIVIFY, we recommend that you seal your granite countertops once a year for those heavily trafficked surfaces. This will guarantee protection and will leave them in great condition for years!

That being said, if your granite countertops are brand new, the factory-grade sealant may last between 10-15 years. This should be clearly stated when you purchase. However, if you are ever in doubt, there is an easy test you can perform yourself!

How to know when it is time

This is a simple test. Pour about a quarter cup of water onto the granite countertop. You can also just flick a few specks onto the surface as well. Does the water bead up? Or does it sink into the material within a few minutes — potentially causing it to stain?

If your answer is the latter, it is time to re-seal your countertops.

What is the sealing process?

Depending on how large your granite countertop surfaces are, will dictate how time consuming this process will be. There are many brands and types of sealants to choose from, so it is vital to find the products right for you. Sealants will come in different forms such as liquid or a polishing compound. They can also be more environmentally friendly in a water-based formula. Finally, there are three major types of sealers including penetrating, enhancing, or topical.

Once you choose your product, now the fun starts! You must clear off the counters, clean every inch of the surface and ensure no dust, dirt, etc. is left behind. Carefully read the sealer instructions and follow accordingly. Once the sealant is applied, wait for it to be absorbed and repeat the test listed above. This will let you know if you applied enough and if it will work to protect your granite countertops. If no water seeps into the surface after 30 minutes, the process is done!

If this sounds time consuming and difficult, you are not wrong. You can consider hiring professionals like REVIVIFY to ensure a fantastic job while sealing your granite countertops!

The perks of hiring REVIVIFY!

While this job is possible to do on your own, there are countless benefits to hiring professional technicians. If in the Pacific Northwest, REVIVIFY is the company for you. Our trained team has expertise when dealing with granite and other natural stone. They will clean, repair, and seal your precious granite countertops extending their life and making them look brand new. We only use the top quality products which lets you minimize the effort to keep them clean afterward. REVIVIFY will leave you thinking you just replaced your granite countertops!

Why wait, contact us today to find out more or request an estimate!