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Counter Top Chip Repair

I have chipped countertops! What should I do?

Someone drops a pot or a pan on your countertop and in seconds your surface is damaged.

Chipped countertops can happen at any time. It’s frustrating and you might scream at the sky when it happens. You spend a lot of money on these surfaces so the realization that you damaged it is enough to make anyone upset. As you assess the damage, take a couple deep breaths, Revivify Surface has the easy solution.

Repairing your chip is easy with Revivify Surface

Our experts can have your chip repaired in minutes with little infringement on your day. If you are looking for a high quality, easy, affordable and efficient solution you are in the right place.

Revivify Surface has a thorough proven process through years of repairing countertop surfaces. Your countertop can be brought back to natural and uniformed condition quickly and at an affordable price. Our experts have a track record of detailed quality work to help you.

Once we book an appointment with you our process is simple:

  1. Assess chip(s)
  2. Clean/disinfect the area to ensure safety
  3. Determine the material of the surface
  4. Depending on size and location, we either use a resin (w/ a UV light) or an epoxy with color (as close as possible) and then we fill the chip
  5. Smooth and shape the area to match the surface texture
  6. Polish as needed