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Home Disinfection Services

Stay safe with In-home disinfection services

Revivify residential disinfection services provide a safe way to clean your home and protect your family. During this surge of COVID-19, efficiently cleaning your home is essential to combatting the virus. Revivify is staffed with technicians using CDC approved, antimicrobial products to defend your home against the coronavirus. Revivify services the Vancouver, Washington and Portland, Oregon areas and our team is here to help keep you safe this winter season.


  • Keep viruses and bacteria at a minimum in your home
  • Peace of mind during the coronavirus health crisis
  • Protect your family and friends
  • Reducing potential outbreaks in your home
  • Lessening the risk of spreading to friends and family

Our COVID residential cleaning services utilizes products with three compounds designed to kill viruses and bacteria. All our products and disinfectants are CDC approved and known for killing COVID-19.

These services are helpful for any household, especially those with members in a high-risk group.

What to expect from the service?

The Revivify team of trained cleaning professionals consider you and your families’ safety their number one priority. Each member of the team will be fully suited in a protective outfit and equipped with antimicrobial wipes, sprays and products. They will only use CDC approved, COVID killing cleaning supplies to disinfect the entirety of your home. The team will spray down and wipe all surfaces such as countertops, floors, door knobs, light switches, remotes, and much more. Each surface will be cleaned and left to dry for 10 minutes, and during this time all viruses and bacteria will be killed. Our team will efficiently clean all rooms of your home to protect your family from the novel coronavirus.