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Should You Be Sealing all the Surfaces in Your New Home?

Congratulations on purchasing your new home! We know you are proud of the beautiful, gleaming finishes throughout, and you want to keep them that way. Don’t assume that these surfaces have already been protected. New materials and finishes seldom include the necessary protection. Revivify Surface LLC recommends that you protect your new investment by sealing all important surfaces.

Why Should I Seal the Surfaces in My Home? 

Of course, many new homeowners do not realize that the beautiful tile or stone floors, stone countertops, tile, brick, and wooden decking and paver patios in their new home are not as durable as they may seem. These materials can become stained as well as damaged by water and other substances. Sealing these surfaces erects a strong, protective barrier that keeps harmful substances from entering the porous materials throughout your home. 

Sealants keep out water, oil, dirt, food, grime, and other contaminants so you can more easily clean them away. This important investment now can prevent serious damage, deteriorated materials that look bad, and costly replacement far short of their projected lifespan. Revivify Surface recommends sealing the following surfaces in your home. 


Countertops absorb many hours of use and abuse as we live in our homes. Often, water or other substances are left standing until noticed and cleared away. Sealing your countertops protects them from constant spills and cleaning. Any countertop materials should be sealed, including stone, marble, and concrete. 

Tile and Wooden Floors

Floors bear the most weight of all our home surfaces (pun intended), and all this traffic can grind dirt and other materials into the surface. This leaves our floors looking dull, worn, and old. Pets and people alike can spill liquids or other substances that can damage flooring materials. Sealing these important surfaces keeps them from absorbing liquids, staining, or being damaged, and saves you thousands of dollars over replacing them. 

Fireplace Tile and Brick Walls

Brick and tile on vertical indoor surfaces are often the last surface material we think would need protecting. But consider the heat and residue they can hold, especially around fireplaces. Moisture intrusion and smoke can mar their appearance and damage the base materials, leaving these surfaces dull and appearing old. Moisture can also cause brick and mortar to crumble and flake away. Sealing these surfaces periodically can add new life by shielding the material from water intrusion and staining. Clean them occasionally with a damp cloth and wipe away any moisture or stains immediately. 

Decks and Patios

Decks and patios are under constant bombardment from the elements, even in sunny, dry weather. But in the Northwest, we get more than our share of wet, cold weather. Sealing your wooden decks and patios every year after a good, thorough cleaning to remove any stains, dirt, and outdoor nature residue is ideal. Therefore, protecting these wooden surfaces will keep them looking great and lasting for years to come. 

How important is it to protect what is arguably your largest investment — your new home? Sealing your valuable interior and exterior surfaces extends their useful life and keeps them clean and beautiful for much longer. 

Keep your surfaces shining with Revivify’s Yearly Maintenance Program. This program ensures your surfaces stay clean and fresh every year and we monitor for when the time is right to re-apply sealants. The recommendation for reapplying sealants to your surfaces is every three to five years; more often if you notice that the gleam is gone and water does not bead up. After applying sealant, use only mild, non-abrasive, PH cleaning solutions or Revivify Daily Maintenance Cleaner and soft scrubbing tools only when necessary. 

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