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The Best Ways to Clean and Maintain Tile

When it comes to ceramic tile, the options are endless. It’s elegant, durable, and versatile designs have been popular since way back when. Ceramic tiles add style and value to any home – its sleek appearance, astounding longevity, and ease of maintenance make it suitable for all kinds of applications. However durable it may be, proper care is still very important. Ceramic tiles are composed of natural clay, sand, and water, and fired in a kiln to great density and hardness. Ceramic is a tough material that is naturally resistant to stains and general wear-and-tear, but without proper care, you risk damaging or dulling the ceramic surfaces. Don’t worry – we’ve got you covered! Read on to learn more about the best ways to clean and maintain tile, below:

Clean Grout

Ceramic tiles are held in place by grout, a porous material. Accumulated dirt, grease, and grime can mar the surface and potentially, seep into the grout, making it become discolored and dingy – which detracts from the beauty of your floor. Avoid this, and preserve your tile and grout, by taking special care of your grout. The best way to do this is to seal it after you’ve installed your tile. Experts recommend doing this about twice a year, although your specific tile manufacturer may recommend a different sealing schedule.

Cleaning Tip: Clean dirty grout by mixing hydrogen peroxide or baking soda and water in equal parts. Gently use a soft toothbrush to remove stains.

Regular Maintenance

Clean up any spills immediately after they happen – if left unattended for a long time, the tiles can stain and discolor. Sweep, dust, mop, and wipe tiled areas on a regular basis, while using appropriate ceramic tile cleaners to maintain the look and feel of the ceramic surfaces in your home. Avoid using bleach or ammonia on the tile surfaces, as those solutions can irreversibly stain the grout. Ceramic tile is typically treated with a glaze that can be easily damaged, so scrubbing too hard, or using extremely abrasive cleaning tools can scratch the tile and cause them to lose their luster.

Cleaning Tip: Mop with warm water using a manufacturer-recommended cleaning product to enhance the tile’s gloss, shine, and color. You can also mix a cup of white vinegar with a gallon of water for an effective odor-eliminating cleanser.

Types of Tile

Yes, there’s ceramic tile, but also quarry (unglazed), wood, and porcelain tile, and tile mosaics. Dust tile that looks like wood regularly using a dust mop for flooring. This prevents the dust from settling in layers in the tile grooves, making them look dirty. What happens if you encounter a tile that you can’t find a way to clean? Look up Revivify, and get your free estimate today! Revivify Surface, LLC professionally cleans, repairs, and applies penetrating sealers to tile surfaces using proven techniques.

Sure, water is one of the best tools to clean your tile surfaces, but sometimes the traditional and DIY methods don’t always work. Revivify not only provides the added “oomph,” but inspects the tile surface and grout in-detail, and chooses products that are specially formulated to use on that material. We also provide you with a maintenance plan, and written guarantee of our work. What are you waiting for? Revive your tile today!