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The Top Uses For Pressure Washing Around Your Home

When we mention pressure washing, you automatically think of cleaning tile or concrete. But you are only limited by your imagination when finding uses for pressure washing. And there are some very imaginative applications where a pressure washer comes in handy. Let’s examine several, from the mundane to the unusual.

Standard Uses for Pressure Washing

Every homeowner knows that a pressure washer is a valuable investment. Drive around in the spring, summer, and fall, and you will doubtless spot a homeowner here or there, engaged in some project with a pressure washer.

Some of the most popular include:

  1. Cleaning driveways and garage floors
  2. Cleaning tile or concrete patios
  3. Removing debris from front entrance stairs and walkways
  4. Removing mildew from wood decks
  5. Cleaning vinyl or brick home exteriors
  6. Cleaning or removing old paint from fencing
  7. Washing muddy cars and trucks
  8. Removing scale and mildew from boats
  9. Cleaning tools, lawn mowers, dirt bikes, or trailers
  10. Cleaning outdoor furniture

Imaginative Uses for Pressure Washing

Beyond the standard applications like cleaning tile and driveways, there are other uses for your pressure washer. You may or may not have thought of these ideas, but that’s OK. Give them a try!

Grills – Pressurized water, especially hot water, can scour away grease and grit in no time. Just remember to shut off the gas and unhook any electrical connections.

Chimneys – This may or may not be a DIY project you want to handle, but pressurized water can reach up high inside a chimney to loosen and blast away soot and dangerous deposits.

Storage tanks – Farmers know the state that storage tanks or bins can get into after holding various materials over time. When empty, a good pressure washing can cleanse away the grittiest material and leave the inside clean and ready for refilling.

Drains, ducts, and gutters – When these important items get clogged, a few blasts of pressurized water can free them of packed leaves and debris, allowing water to flow freely again, protecting your home from water damage.

Knock loose items out of trees or off the roof – Everyone knows the hazard of broken tree limbs hanging loosely above your head. Knock them down safely (or retrieve that errant football from the roof) with a few blasts of high-pressure water.

Deal with pests – No one likes to get close to beehives or a nest where rats have built a lodging. A few blasts of high-pressure water will remove these pests for good, not to mention that stray animal in the yard.

Scaling Fish – Yes, we’re serious. Why scrape the scales off fish when your pressure washer can remove them quickly and easily? Then, just wash the scales away!

Considerations Before you try Doing your own Pressure Washing

Practically any homeowner can buy or rent a pressure washer but pressure washing involves more than you think. It requires prep of areas, potential injury risks, considerations of the correct pressure, and sealing surfaces once a cleaning is complete. Because of this, many people choose to hire professionals to complete the work.

Specifically, sealing of the surface is of huge importance so that you are not back doing the same project frequently.

Revivify Pressure Washing – More than Cleaning Tile

When you’re ready for a higher level of pressure washer service, call Revivify. We provide more than your everyday applications of cleaning tile and concrete. Our professional technicians use a combination of high-pressure water, scrubbing, environmentally-friendly chemicals, sealing and old-fashioned hard work to achieve premier cleaning services on a variety of surfaces and objects.

Our home or commercial services include:

  • A unique quality control process that includes the customer
  • Environmentally-friendly cleaners and sealers that improve the life of your surfaces
  • Reduced risk of slipping on slick, unkempt surfaces
  • Improved aesthetic appeal
  • Professional-grade cleaning prepares surfaces for protective resealing
  • Exceptional customer service from start to finish
  • A written guarantee and maintenance program to keep your exterior surfaces looking great

Contact us today at Revivify LLC for your unique surface solution. Call 360-828-7645 in the Vancouver, Washington area, or fill out the contact form on our website to ask your questions or get a quote.