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Top home improvement trends during COVID-19

The novel coronavirus has altered everyone’s lives this year in one way or another. Travel plans were cancelled, weddings were postponed, bingeing tv became an everyday activity, and many just explored how to make a mask “fashion”.  Back in early 2020, it was hard to conceptualize being stuck at home for 8+ months. And at this point, there is no clear end in sight. People are adopting new hobbies such as plant care, baking bread, exercising, more tv watching, among many others. However, maybe it is time for a different productive task : home improvement. 

Of course, these chores or projects (depending on how you look at it) can be small or large. Perhaps you want to tackle something major like knocking down that wall to create that trendy open plan living area. Or maybe, you are just looking to dust behind the tv. Regardless of skill level, here are some of the top home improvement trends during COVID-19. Some ideas to get you started!


A great starting off point for your home improvement checklist is cleaning everything and anything. This is not the most desirable task, but absolutely necessary. Living in a clean space will promote a healthy mindset, which is needed during these trying times. Not to mention, you will probably be a lot more comfortable being stuck in a home that is in good shape. 

Deep Cleaning

Dust under the couch, clean the oven, clear out the old veggies from the fridge. We all know there is some old spinach in the back of that veggie drawer. Since the pandemic, outings and events have been cancelled left and right. Why not work on “that thing” you have been putting off. Whether it be wiping down that out of reach window or clearing out under the deck, any of these harder tasks are great to do during this time.

For all surface needs, it might be best to call in professionals at REVIVIFY. Deep cleaning can be overly time consuming without the proper products and equipment. REVIVIFY can repair and clean your tiles and more making them look good as new!


The home can easily get unorganized. This happens more with kids home from school, roommates working remotely, etc. due to COVID. Organizing each room in the house can be a great way to declutter the home and the mind. Perhaps the most rewarding home improvement activity. 


Coat closets, bedroom closets and even storage rooms or garages get FILLED with unnecessary things. When you do not have a spot for an item, it is an obvious choice to throw it into one of those spaces. Of course, it would clutter the livable space in your home if left on a table or counter. Getting a shoe rack, extra hangers, cube storage pieces or shelving units are a simple and affordable way to make your closets more organized.


Whether you are excited by the idea of cooking or just do it to survive, having time to organize the kitchen is special. In many kitchens, the tupperware cabinet is always a mess. Why not spend this time at home creating a system to keep those food containers organized? You can also go through the spices and food cabinets to see which items have reached their expiration date. 

This brings us to an important part of home improvement: throw things away!

Or donate! It can be hard to muster up the courage to purge the items in your house, but it’s worth it. If clothing, tools, etc. are in good shape, please donate to shelters or a local thrift store. However, if it’s seen its day — throw it away!


Once you have your home clean and organized, now you can start exploring more involved projects. A great way to change the entire feeling of a room is by painting it a new color. A certain room may also just be in need of a fresh new coat due to wear and tear. 


We are sure your home is already full of personal touches and decoration. However, maybe you want to spend some time adding in new pieces to change up what you have been looking at during this extra time at home. 


Adding photographs or artworks to walls or tabletops is a simple way to decorate your home. If you have extra frames laying around the house — even better!


Perhaps a more involved project for home improvement is rearranging the furniture. Switching the position of your bed or the couch can truly make it seem like a whole new environment. You may realize a new arrangement is what it should have looked like all along!


Another way to light up a room (and increase air quality) is to get some house plants. Even if you purchase just a bouquet of flowers from the grocery store, you will notice how it brightens a room. You can also get succulents, little trees, or other house plants that will last longer for you to enjoy. 

Maybe just call REVIVIFY for home improvement needs

These home improvement trends only brush the surface for what you can work on during COVID. Even if cleaning and housework are not your number one priority at this time, you can also just call in the professionals. REVIVIFY is offering all in home services with safe, CDC approved guidelines. If you are looking for grout repair, powerwashing, glass shower door cleaning and more, REVIVIFY has you covered! Call 360-369-3498 or visit today!