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What is in Your Dirty Grout?

… And How Can You Keep it Looking New?

Every homeowner with tile flooring or bathroom tile looks for dirty grout solutions. You have lived this scenario; just enter your name where appropriate. You are so proud of your new tile and grout kitchen or bathroom floor. It exudes a shine and sense of cleanliness that makes the entire room more appealing. You share pictures with family and friends, and across social media. 

Then one day your favorite social media account posts a “one year ago today” reminder on your feed. But something looks different. You carry the smartphone into your kitchen or bathroom and hold up the picture from last year where you can compare your current floor with the older picture – and you are sickened by the difference. 

A year ago, your tile was clean and bright, and the grout between your tiles was clean and white. But today, the grout is dark and dirty-looking, making even your clean floor appear darker and more worn. A closer inspection even reveals cracks in your grout and some of it has flaked away in places. All this in only one year! 

What Causes Dirty Grout? 

Grout is generally a concrete-based substance that is porous, meaning that it can be penetrated by water. You may have noticed how it darkens when wet as you are mopping your tile floor. Most people generally assume that it air dry and no harm is done, and this is often the case when very little water is used during cleaning. 

However, remember that the grout sits a little lower than your tile. As you clean the floor, dirt and grease are loosened by the liquid cleaning solution and moved across the tiles by your mop or cleaning tool. As you move the mop across the floor, some of that dirty moisture falls into the gap between tiles and onto your grout, where it remains. The moisture soaks into the grout, leaving behind the residue of dirt and grease on top of your grout. 

Over time, you may notice a whitish substance on your grout, called efflorescence. This is a mineral residue left behind after moisture dries or evaporates out of the grout. Other minerals and dirt can also build up and stain your grout over time. This makes it appear dark and dirty, especially if your tile is light in color. 

DIY Grout Cleaning Solutions are Not Ideal

How can you clean this dirty, discolored grout and make it appear like new again? And how can you keep it looking clean and new for many years? Many DIY solutions exist online, from various sources. But they do not take into consideration the type of tile or grout used in your particular application. Some at-home cleaning solutions can do irreparable harm to expensive tile and grout, leaving you with costly repairs or replacement needs. 

Revivify Surface – Your Professional Dirty Grout Solution 

To ensure that your expensive tile and grout flooring stays clean, germ-free, and lasts a long time, a regular deep cleaning from the experts at Revivify Surface is recommended. Our time-tested and proven deep cleaning practices will leave your tile and grout flooring looking new again. You can feel safe with our professional dirty grout solutions. 

Kitchens, bathrooms, anywhere you have tile and grout flooring, our superior cleaning services are tailored to the specific type of tile and grout used to ensure professional-grade results that do not harm your flooring materials. We can also repair cracked and flaking grout and seal your tile and grout flooring to protect it from moisture and damage from other substances. 

Are you ready to erase the dirt and grime from your grout and make it look new again? Call 360-369-3645 or contact us online today for more information or a quote on our services.