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Best Way to Clean Grout in a Shower

You were no doubt very proud of your new tile shower floor. The smooth, unmarked tile and bright, clean grout in between really stood out. But how can you maintain that pristine, new appearance? For most homeowners, shower tile grout tops the list of things that are practically impossible to clean well in a home. In fact, many consider replacing worn tile and grout as part of a home remodel project. 

Plus, busy people generally have little time to spend on hands and knees scrubbing the grout between shower wall and floor tiles. Most simply spray on an over-the-counter cleaner and wipe down the shower tile, all while lamenting about how it all used to look. What is it about grout that makes it so difficult to clean? 

Grout 101 

Most homeowners know little about the composition of grout, or how to maintain it. Grout is actually a porous material that contains sand, which means it allows liquid to pass through. This works both ways, of course; liquid can seep into the grout, but it can also evaporate out. But what does not evaporate is dirt and grime. 

Simply spraying cleaner on a tile surface and wiping it down only serves to drag dirt and grime across the smooth surface of the tile and trap it on top of the grout, which is typically a bit lower than the surface of the tile. The moisture from cleaning evaporates, leaving the dirt that clings to soap film and grime. 

Cleaning the Grout in Your Shower

Many over-the-counter grout cleaning products exist that claim to lift dirt and grime off tile grout. Some even claim to eliminate the dingy appearance and clean grout without scrubbing. If you have tried any of these products, you have likely been left only partially satisfied at best, or even worse, completely dissatisfied. 

Harsh chemicals that claim to require no scrubbing can actually harm the grout, reducing its lifespan and causing it to deteriorate. The same can be said for endless scrubbing with soft or medium bristle brushes. You may remove the dirt and soap scum, but it is because you are removing layers of grout. This weakens your tile surface and can allow even more moisture intrusion that can get behind the tile and do harm. 

Beware of using these harsh store-bought cleaners or following DIY self-mixed cleaning solutions. And you should always avoid excess scrubbing. Not only is it bad for your tile surfaces and grout, it is hard on your muscles and joints. And don’t you have better things to do with your time and energy?  

Professional Grout Cleaning & Restoration 

The best way to clean the grout in your shower or bathroom is to have a professional grout cleaning service company like Revivify Surface, LLC handle it from start to finish. Our team knows how to properly care for all types of tile, grout, and even stone surfaces. Our locations in Portland, Oregon, and Vancouver, Washington, can provide professional-grade care and maintenance for all your tile and other valuable surfaces. 

The professional team from Revivify Surface will: 

  • Inspect the grout and decide on appropriate cleaning, removal, or touch-up techniques.
  • Clean or recolor the grout and tile with our special industrial grade, bio-friendly solutions. 
  • Replace any grout that has been permanently damaged.
  • Provide you with a maintenance program to maintain your tile and grout. 
  • Leave you with a written guarantee of our work. 

The investment you make in your home is well worth protecting, and that includes your valuable tile and grout surfaces. Call Revivify Surface, LLC in Oregon or Washington to discover how we can help you protect your investment and keep your home surfaces looking like new.