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How Do Soaps Stain Your Tile?

Stained tile is an eyesore that develops over time. Even with routine cleaning, stains can grow and cause your tile’s appearance to suffer. Daily exposure to dust, moisture, and debris may result in a buildup of grime on your tile’s surface. It could lead to bigger problems, such as mold and mildew growth. When these problems are left unaddressed, your tiles may develop stains and lose their aesthetic appeal. Bacteria may also grow in accumulated stains. 

One of the more prominent tile-staining culprits is soap. The soap you use to clean your own body can also be damaging your tile and stone surfaces. 

How Tile can be Stained by Soap? 

You’ve likely heard the term “soap stains.” What we call soap stains is really the residue that soap leaves behind. This residue is mainly from glycerine, a component in most popular bath soaps. This substance actually forms the moisturizing element in soaps, lotions, and creams used to protect your skin. 

This soap residue from glycerine that is left behind in your shower hardens and forms a stubborn mineral deposit. Mold and mildew grow and feed on this soap scum in the grout lines between tile and form an ugly orange or pink discoloration. This tough buildup is almost impossible to remove on your own. It’s like a thin veneer of concrete! 

The biggest offenders are popular brand name bar soaps such as Iris Spring, Dove, and Dial. If a soap contains paraffin, a mixture of alkanes, they will likely harm your tile. Plus, most every soap contains glycerin, which forms ugly soap scum. Over time, the damage can be nearly impossible to fix without professional tile cleaning services. 

We recommend using body washes or soaps made without as many chemicals, and that instead use naturally-made ingredients. But even with these precautions, soaps will eventually cause stains. Make sure to clean surfaces regularly and have them maintained annually by a professional cleaning service. 

Professional Tile Cleaning Services 

Revivify Surface, LLC provides professional tile cleaning services for your kitchen and bathroom tile, or wherever you have tile in your home or business. With teams in Portland, Oregon, and Vancouver, Washington, we can bring the safest and most potent cleaning solutions that will leave your tile looking pristine and brand-new, without damage. 

Our strict process involves: 

  • A thorough evaluation of your tile surfaces, noting stains, buildup, and other problems
  • High-temperature steam equipment and bio-sensitive cleaners that safely break the bond between dirt, soap scum, stains, and mildew 
  • A combination of heat, moisture, agitation, and safe cleaning products  
  • A drying process to eliminate residual moisture that can cause problems with your tile 

We also offer buffing, sealing, and repair services for your tile surfaces in kitchens, bathrooms, washrooms, and elsewhere. Sealing protects against future stains and soap scum buildup, making it easier to keep your tile surfaces cleaner and looking new longer. 

Contact Revivify Surface, LLC in Portland or Vancouver and speak with a team member about scheduling a professional tile cleaning and stain removal for your home or business.