REVIVIFY takes your safety seriously. Click here to read about our COVID-19 operations

Revivify COVID-19 Operations Process and Protective Measures

We ensure that safety is our main concern when performing our services for you and your family. During this confusing time, we have created several processes to protect you as well as our employees. Cleaning throughout the time in your home is at the forefront of our concern. As professionals, we are fully aware of the proper protocol to disinfect for COVID-19 — we also know it is vital to disinfect more than once a day! 

Of course, we know it is a long journey back to normalcy. However, we hope this will bring you peace of mind so you can enjoy any of the services we offer.  

Our process: 


  1. Call, email, or fill out a form on our website.
  2. Estimator will contact you via phone or email.
  3. Notes and photos will be exchanged.
  4. Zoom conference call to see the area if needed.
  5. An email with the quote will be provided to you.


  1. After approval, an appointment to complete the work will be set.
  2. Review of the estimate with you to ensure accuracy at the appointment.

On-Site Work/Field Staff:

We clean our way in and clean our way out. 

  1. Each technician will only work on one home per day.
  2. Shoes will be removed at the door for in-home work (The technician will have indoor slippers that are cleaned after every job).
  3. Gloves are required for all work. They are removed every time they leave the house and replaced with a new pair up re-entering.
  4. Technicians wear a respirator or n95 mask at all times. 
  5. All door knobs and areas around our work area will be disinfected upon entering the house and before leaving.