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Is Antimicrobial the new 2020 buzzword?

Well yes, Antimicrobial is competing with Covid-19 for word of the year, but what does it actually mean?

Antimicrobial is the action of destroying or inhibiting the growth of microorganisms and especially pathogenic microorganisms.

All of the discussion on germs, hand-washing, cleaning, the types of cleaners to use plus being told to stay healthy this year is a bit overwhelming. Although coronavirus is definitely on everyone’s mind, it is vital to know a little about those and other pesky microbes that could be dangerous. Flu season is among us. Colds, sore throats, and other common illnesses will soon be in full swing. Knowing what each microbe is and which antimicrobial agents will fight them can help you and your family stay safe and healthy this winter season!

First, an overview of microbes…

Microbes are microorganisms that are too small to see with the naked eye. They are everywhere around us: in the air, on surfaces, in water, and more. Some can be good for your health, such as the bacteria found in the gut, but there are also several kinds that cause disease or fermentation. These dangerous microbes can cause illnesses such as the flu or chickenpox. Furthermore, there is strong evidence that shows microbes can be linked to non-infectious chronic diseases, such as cancer.

There are several different types of microbes, but we will cover a few of the major ones that can make you sick. These are called pathogens and can be very harmful to your health.


Viruses are responsible for infecting you with a disease. They multiply once they inhibit a cell in your body. These microbes differ in severity though. Some will cause the common cold whereas others will cause coronavirus, flu, measles, chickenpox and more.

Some viruses can be naturally defeated by the human body, which explains why you can be asymptomatic. Viruses typically cannot be treated with medicine or antibiotics, however vaccines will help protect you from these illnesses.


Bacteria is a single cell organism. Less than 1% of all types are dangerous to humans. Some bacteria are good for your gut and others can help your immune system. However, bacteria can cause major illnesses like tuberculosis or whooping cough. This type of microbe infection can be treated with an antibiotic.


Fungus microbes are everywhere. Not all are harmful, and some you can even eat (mushrooms!). Fungus can also cause some diseases for humans — that can be life threatening with a weakened immune system. Athlete’s foot or ringworm are common, treatable fungal issues, but you can also get a fungal infection in your reproductive organs, lungs, etc. that can be very serious.

Learning about microbes and how they cause different diseases can be a bit unnerving. However, it is important to know the dangers they cause during these colder weather seasons. Especially during a year that we are dealing with a global pandemic.

How to heal once infected by harmful microbes:

Of course, winter is not the only time people can get sick or infected by pathogens. Unfortunately, it does happen all the time. Antimicrobial agents can help combat the different types of microbes that make you sick. That being said, there are unique solutions for fighting the various pathogens. For instance, antibiotics will help a bacteria infection (such as the flu) or antifungals will aid with a fungal infection (such as athlete’s foot).

More importantly, it may be in your best interest to try and stop the spread of these dangerous microbes in the first place. Avoiding getting the measles, ringworm, etc. all together is definitely a better option.

How to prevent the spread of harmful microbes:

With COVID-19 spreading rapidly across the world, there has been an increased rhetoric on how to keep your home clean as well as why it is vital. This highly decreases your chances of contracting coronavirus. It also will help you avoid the other illnesses that microbes can give you.

Preventing the spread of harmful microbes is possible. Cleaning sprays and scrubs are very helpful in killing pathogens. Periodically wiping down surfaces such as door knobs, counters, light switches and other highly trafficked areas will be the key. Be sure to use antimicrobial supplies safe for your stone and other surfaces in order to defeat the pathogens as best you can. Of course, this can be time consuming and tedious since it will be an ongoing chore. But, it is a necessary task to keep you and your family safe. That being said, if you are in the Portland, OR or Vancouver, WA areas, REVIVIFY is the company to call for your COVID residential disinfection cleaning needs.

REVIVIFY can help!

At REVIVIFY, we are a team of professionals well versed in the art of deep cleaning. We will come to your home equipped with CDC-approved cleaning supplies proven to kill COVID-19 as well as other harmful microbes. Our technicians will come in fully suited in a protective outfit while cleaning the entirety of your home. Using antimicrobial wipes and sprays, we will clean the highly trafficked areas and surfaces in your home to highly decrease the spread of pathogens.

This service is helpful for everyone during the pandemic, but especially those that are in the high risk group. REVIVIFY is here to efficiently clean each part of your house and keep you and your family safe during this winter season and beyond.