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The top home improvement sites of 2020

With COVID currently sweeping the nation, many are still spending a lot of time in the house. Of course, projects already tend to pile up throughout the winter. Yet, with the whole family home and the added time inside these past few months, they may have become excessive. Or perhaps, you are just ready for a change of scenery.

Now, it is one thing to want to improve or renovate your home. But, it opens up a whole new can of worms when trying to execute these plans. Even though you may have a clear vision of the changes you wish to make, it can be difficult to find the right product, or color, or even the type of product.

Where to even start?

Luckily, we are here to help with your home improvement and renovation endeavors. Your dream kitchen or living room is just around the corner. We have compiled a list of our favorite resources to get you started. Whether you have an idea in mind or are just seeing what’s out there, these websites will be incredibly helpful.


Houzz is a great starting place for any project, big or small. Whether you are looking to redesign an entire kitchen or choose the best paint color for a room, Houzz is a wonderful starting point. This website is perfect for those looking for a bit of inspiration. There are thousands of beautiful home photos to get some ideas. Houzz also has a place to shop for items and personal customer stories.


Remodelista is a top resource for all aspects of interior (and exterior) design. The website features stories and articles that guide homeowners through the process of every step of remodeling or designing. There are inspiration articles for any room of the house, plenty of helpful guides, and the top picks from the creators and writers of Remodelista. They even include resources to find the firm right for you.


Gardenista, as you could have guessed, was created by the same people as Remodelista. The concept is very similar, however, Gardenista solely focuses on outside spaces. More specifically, garden designs and the best plants to choose. If you are looking to completely redesign your backyard, deck, or patio, this is the spot for you. The website features in depth information on all kinds of plants and flowers to find what is best for you. There are also guides for designing a landscape, installing swimming pools, and choosing the right patio decor.

The Spruce

The Spruce is a popular website that offers practical tips and inspiration for those looking to improve their home. They offer ideas for decorating different rooms as well as gardening advice. They even feature some how-to videos, cleaning tips ,and a “what to buy” section for bedding, vacuums, gifts, etc.. As you can guess by the name, this website is a fantastic resource for those looking to “spruce” up their home, garden, and life.

Retro Renovation

Retro Renovation is a great site for those looking to decorate or remodel their home to have a mid-century or vintage feel. The website provides resources and stories to help you create that awesome 1960s style. This is a place if you want to restore your older home or are looking for a retro accent piece. The site mainly focuses on bathroom and living room design — but they also have articles for other parts of the house as well.


Dwell can be considered almost the opposite of Retro Renovation as this site features modern ideas for architecture and design. This site is perfect for those looking for inspiration to update their home with the latest design ideas. Dwell features breathtaking pictures, intriguing design concepts and stories of others who have remodelled. This site even goes a step further with pages of amazing real estate for sale and vacation rentals — a live experience into contemporary architecture if you will.

This Old House

This Old House is for a very specific group of renovators. If you are interested in improving or remodeling an old Victorian house, this is the page for you. Their in depth guides cover everything from attics to driveways to foundations and everything in between. This website is in affiliation with the television show “This Old House”, which is about remodeling old homes. The site has images and videos of all homes that were renovated in the 41 seasons as well as “idea houses”, to help inspire innovative home ideas.

Hopefully these websites can give you some inspiration or direction for all of your remodeling and home improvement needs. Each of these sites feature unique ideas that can help you get started on building the home of your dreams. Whether interested in remodeling a kitchen, painting your bedroom, or changing the landscape of your garden, these comprehensive website guides are a great place to get you on the right path.