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What are the causes of cracked grout?

Have you noticed the grout in your home starting to crack and crumble? Not only is the look of this less desirable, cracked grout can lead to several longer lasting problems. Of course, the grout you choose can sometimes be an afterthought. The first consideration is always which color and type of tile you want. However, the grout you choose is just as important. 

From water damage protection to longevity, this choice can save you thousands of dollars on unnecessary repairs. And who knows, you may even be able to accent those tiles with a perfect design. But, what exactly causes cracked grout? 

Number one reason for cracked grout is poor installation

Unfortunately, it seems almost every reason for cracked or crumbled grout comes from improper installation. This can be from the material chosen, improper sealing, and the list goes on. Clearly, this issue stems from who installs your tiles and grout. It is always important to know the process and possible concerns of a job like this, even if you are not the one doing it.

Type of grout

As with most things, cheaper material can often lead to more issues. Cement based grout is very common because it is less expensive than other solutions. However, it is also very porous. If water gets into the grout, this can create cracks or crumbling. Using a higher quality material such as epoxy, although can be four times as expensive, can highly decrease your chances of cracking. Of course, this is the buyer’s choice. But, if the cement is not sealed correctly this will lead to major issues very fast. 

Improper Sealing

Any type of material can be susceptible to cracking if not sealed correctly. This will keep moisture out to keep the grout from deteriorating. Allowing moisture into the grout can also lead to other problems such as mold, mildew or bacteria.  

Too Much Water or Additive

If the original solution is not mixed correctly, this can lead to cracked grout. As the grout dries, the water in the mixture will evaporate. Adding too much water or additive can lead to air pockets and make the grout weak. Thus, making it crack easily. 

Not Enough Adhesive

Thinset is a type of adhesive needed to keep the grout and tiles in place on the wall. Using too little of this, can lead to air pockets under the tiles. As the tile pulls away from the wall, tension will build on the grout leading it to crack.

Typical wear and tear also leads to cracked grout

Needless to say, cracked grout can occur overtime through normal wear and tear. This is not ideal, but running into these problems is part of being a homeowner. Nothing will be perfect forever in a space that is constantly being used. 


As mentioned above, tension can easily cause cracked grout. A house as a whole is constantly moving ever so slightly. This can be from settling, fluctuation of temperature, humidity, among other things. Over time, these small movements can start to cause cracking in grout or tiles. 

Cleaning supplies

Tiles and grout are most commonly found in kitchens and bathrooms. This means they are constantly cleaned with bleach, sprays, etc. and overtime too harsh of cleaning supply can be damaging. This can lead to the deterioration of the grout causing it to become fragile and then crack and crumble. 

Heavy Use

The tile surfaces in your house are probably in use each and every day. Taking a shower, preparing food, getting spilled on and cleaned all can ultimately lead to the deterioration of the grout. Of course, this is over a long stretch of time. But it is still a factor that can lead to cracked grout. 

For all your grout repair needs, just call REVIVIFY

One of the greatest takeaways from this article is that improper installation and care of grout will lead to cracks and crumbling. That is why it is important to call in professionals for repair. REVIVIFY will work very hard to make sure your grout and tile look as if they are brand new. 

As was mentioned, overtime grout and tile can begin to look pretty bad. From cracks to mildew and mold, REVIVIFY has you covered. We will clean, repair, and maintain any damage to your grout and tiles. Our team is familiar with all materials and our technicians used time-tested techniques to leave your tile and grout better than ever. 

We use the best methods and materials to make sure our work is lasting.  Our mission is to make sure deterioration is prevented and you will see long-term results.