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How to Get Rid of Tile and Grout Grime

We all experience tile and grout grime. It forms over time in our showers, bathrooms, and kitchens. Not only is this unsightly, but it’s unhealthy. A cursory search of the Internet will reveal dozens of products and DIY methods to remove grime from tile and grout. Most of these can be unsafe, especially on certain types of tile or grout.  

What is Grime that Forms on Tile and Grout?

What is that grungy-looking mess that surreptitiously forms on bathroom and kitchen tile surfaces? Grime is a combination of inert and harmful substances that settles onto tile surfaces. It accumulates and mixes together over time to form a dingy, persistent substance. 

  • Dirt
  • Grease 
  • Soot
  • Mold
  • Pollen
  • Skin cells 
  • Spills
  • Soap residue
  • Wax
  • Leftover cleaners 

Left over time, grime can cause damage to your tile and grout, as well as health issues for your family. Grime can collect allergens and other harmful substances that can cause sickness for humans and pets. Some DIY methods to remove grime only remove surface particles, leaving more resilient, harmful substances intact. 

Should I Trust DIY Methods to Remove Grime on Grout and Tile?

Everyone wants to save money, which is why online DIY prescriptions to remove grime are so popular. But you could easily incur even more costs to repair expensive tile surfaces. It is worth the initial investment to have a professional remove grime from tile and grout in your home. Not only do you save time and hard work for yourself, you save money from repairing or replacing your damaged tile. 

Grout is a porous material, meaning that it absorbs moisture. As the moisture evaporates, the dirt and grime carried in by it gets left behind. This results in dull or discolored grout that can seem impossible to clean. Most spray-and-wipe DIY attempts to remove grime only smear it across the tile and deposit it onto the grout, which is slightly lower than the tile surface. 

Harsher chemicals that claim to lift grime from grout and tile can actually do more damage than good, leaving your tile permanently discolored and weakened. Endless scrubbing, even with a soft-bristled brush, can also damage your tile and grout. You can actually remove a portion of the grout, increasing the changes that moisture can penetrate underneath the tile and cause it to separate. 

How Do You Remove Grime on Grout and Tile?

The best and only way to remove grime from grout and tile without damaging your expensive surfaces is with professional cleaning services. Revivify Surface, LLC has skilled and experienced technicians that can determine the best method to remove grime from your type of tile and grout application. We use only cleansers and methods that are safe for your tile and grout, for you and for your pets. 

We can also touch-up or repair damaged grout and tile surfaces, plus provide you with a maintenance program to maintain your tile and grout surfaces for a longer period of time. 

Contact Revivify Surface today in Portland or Vancouver for professional help to remove grime and preserve the function and appearance of your tile and grout surfaces.