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How to Make a Fireplace Look New Again

Fireplaces are focal points of a home. They bring joy, warmth, and a pleasing aesthetic to the atmosphere, and give us a sense of calm. They can also raise your property value. When they are new or well-maintained, they are the centerpiece and a conversation starter. Who doesn’t love the crackling sounds and ambient warmth from a cozy fireplace?

Over time, fireplaces fall victim to wear and tear just like any other surface in your home. We often see the fireplace area getting the least attention when it comes to maintenance of the hearth and stone surfaces surrounding it. Perhaps this is because many people believe the vertical tile, stone, or brick indoor surfaces of a fireplace don’t need maintenance or protection. 

But in fact, these surfaces are subject to prolonged exposure to heat and residue, moisture, and smoke that can mar their appearance and even cause damage to the surface materials. Moisture can even cause the brick and mortar to crumble and flake away, resulting in serious and expensive damage. If your fireplace is dull and looks old and worn, it’s likely overdue for some TLC. 

Bringing My Fireplace Back to Life

We recommend that you wipe down your fireplace surfaces periodically with a clean, damp cloth, containing no solvents. Various solvents and cleaning agents can do more harm to the surfaces than good, leaving you with a dull or even damaged fireplace. Remove any stains, spills, or moisture immediately and dry the surfaces as thoroughly as possible.  

If some cleaner is necessary to remove grit, grime, or stains, you need to understand the type of fireplace surfaces you have and how they react to different cleaning agents. For example, you should avoid using any acidic cleaners on various types of stone, including vinegar. This can cause a dull, pitted surface, called “etching.” The acid in the cleaners actually erodes the stone surface, leaving it damaged beyond repair and forever appearing dull. 

Any cleaner you choose should be safe for the type of surface and for regular use. They should loosen stuck-on grime or stains without the need for scrubbing, which can also harm stone or tile. Routinely wiping down your fireplace surfaces with a clean, damp cloth will prevent the buildup of grime and other substances that can make more vigorous cleaning necessary. 

You should also be sealing your fireplace surfaces regularly to protect them from moisture and stain penetration. A good sealant designed for your type of surfaces creates a strong, protectant barrier that will keep moisture and other substances at bay and make your fireplace easier to clean. 

Professional Cleaning Services Can Save Time and Headaches 

You could try and do this yourself, but in many instances, trying to revive stone, brick, or tile surfaces can actually cause more damage than you may have imagined. Professional stone, tile, and grout cleaning service experts like Revivify have the experience, skill, equipment, and knowledge to make sure your indoor fireplace surfaces not only look new, but are protected long-term. 

Our professionals begin by assessing your fireplace surfaces, taking note of the type of material and any spots, stains, or damage that may be present. We use the latest technology in the form of steam cleaners to safely remove any grit, stains, and grime from stone, brick, or tile surfaces, plus our bio-sensitive cleaners are proprietary formulas that will not harm your valuable surface materials. 

Our team knows how to use safe cleaning materials and methods to remove dirt and moisture from your fireplace surfaces. We can then seal the entire structure to protect against moisture intrusion, stains, and grime buildup. 

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